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Creator's Brand is a company dedicated to finding innovative ways to make glass working easier. We take pride in our products, as all of them are manufactured and inspected individually before shipping. Maintaining quality glass cutting tools and integrity for the last 25 years has been the hallmark of this business. It is our goal to see hobbyists and professionals alike find joy in the art of glass working when using our products.

Satisfied Customers

"[It] levels the playing field for my weak osteo-arthritic hands. It's fast and gives good, clean cuts. I cannot believe how well it cuts inside curves. There is almost no grozing!"
E. H., Center Conway, NH   glass cutting tools

"Ease of use, how little pressure needed. No longer need to wear wrist brace to prevent tendonitis discomfort."
L. P., Charlotte, MI

"Easy to use, scored glass to separate easily; no pressure required on glass. Cuts all patterns on glass."
B.E., Tehachapi, CA

"I can cut glass faster without wasting it."
R.M., Highland Park, IL


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